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Client Testimonials

When I took Yoshinori ‘s session for the first time, I felt the sensation of having so much control over my body which I didn’t expect to be so unknown. It was so shocking to me, I felt like I had a glimpse of a whole new world.
I was also surprised by the sustainability of the effect on my body after the session. It was longer than any of the sessions that I had ever received until now.
Mr. Yoshinori’s session always gives us a positive emotion and a lot of hope that “I may be able to fundamentally change my body!”
Moreover, his refined body by continues exploration and examination is quite convincing that it is possible.
His instruction is passionate but patient to dig out even the smallest possibility.
That is the kind of attitude I look up for as a Pilates trainer!
— S.H., Pilates Instructor

While this may sound cliche, I can honestly say that Yoshi has helped to change and better my life. In 2013 I had surgery for scoliosis. Through an intense, 8 hour procedure, my entire thoracic spine was realigned with 2 metal rods and dozens of screws. Since the surgery, my muscles have not healed properly, leaving me with a multitude of aches and pains. Yoshi has helped me to reconnect with my body while working to mobilize and strengthen each individual muscle properly. While Yoshi’s classes are always challenging and leave me feeling fantastic, it is Yoshi’s passion for pilates and quest for body-symmetry and well-being that makes his classes so special. Yoshi offers a unique take on pilates that is beneficial to all. I very highly recommend Yoshi’s classes for anyone interested in a unique, well-rounded, loving, positive, transformational, inspiring and one-of-a-kind work out and experience.
— R.G.
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I have been dealing an injured from a marathon race for more than 10 years. I thought that my knee was not going to heal and I had to do exercises with supporters and tapings. However, after one month passed since I started to take personal pilates lesson with Yoshi, I felt that the sensation around the knee had clearly changed. One year has passed since I began taking his sessions now, and my body is getting better and better! There is almost no discomfort in the knee and jogging is no problem. Thank you, Yoshi, for explaining in a very easy-to-understand way what causes pain and how to fix it.

Yoshi has taught me very carefully how to properly use my body over the past year. He is not only highly skilled in teaching Pilates method, he adds his own method (including the tools that he developed) to ensure faster progress. He is committed to the details, analyzes the one’s habits in everyday life, finds the tendency of the body. His dedication and patience are remarkable and I always admire it. I am reaffirmed that if my condition of the body is good that everyday life and exercise will be fulfilling and enjoyable so much more.
— Y.W.

I was able to feel a connection between each body part and their relationships with each other. His session was intense but my body felt much lighter and I could control my body more meticulously.
— Y.T., Pilates Instructor

Yoshi can recreate the feeling that I feel when I sharpen the sense of the body in my training and to provide detailed instruction for better improvement. Beyond the framework of Pilates, he also explores how he can move his body better and how far he can push the boundaries. As a posture therapist, I am conscious of listening to the voices of my body in daily life. If there is a muscle that is difficult to move, I will search for the cause and act to regain better movement at the same time. In his session, he helps you to figure out how to move the joints better. It is especially recommended for those who want to be able to use their own body better, those who want to understand their body better who would like to change their body to a more functional body.
— Takaaki Nakano, Posture Therapist & Chiropractor
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I love his sessions! He helps me to elongate my body and stretch my muscles in the way I could never do and it feels so good!! I could tell my body is moving more functionally after his session. It makes easier to engage deeper smaller muscles by the outer bigger muscles been stretched and relaxed. His cueing is simple and he challenges me in the session but that makes my body feel good. The best part is I feel my body and mind feels much lighter after the session.
— Y.F., Pilates Instructor

He has an ability to change parts of my body that have been stalled for a while. I feel like I got some help to get through the stagnation period.
It is interesting that he gives a simple direct stimulus to a complex and mysterious body to make a change. His enthusiasm for improving his own body is transmitted.
— A.O Gyrotinic Instructor, Dance Instructor
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Yoshi is just amazing! I was in a terrible car accident over 25 years ago which severely injured my knees and required multiple surgeries, decreased mobility and activity, and daily pain. I knew I needed to build up strength and searched for a skilled coach willing and able to work within my limitations and not cause additional injury. I am so blessed to have found Yoshi. We have worked together for over a year and my strength, tone and capacity have dramatically improved. He is not only skilled, but intuitive, which has allowed me to trust him and push myself further than I imagined!
— K.G.

I take his Pilates sessions to break through my comfort zone. He helps me do more than I thought I could because he believes in me.
— S.Y., Pilates Instructor

Over the years, I have had several serious injuries. I have gone to physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists and others to help lessen the pain, which they have done. However, I began to reach a plateau, I was no longer in pain, but I still had some mobility limitations. Luckily, I found Yoshi. I have taken Pilates classes all over the world and have gone through a 2-year intensive, teacher training Pilates program. However, it was hard for me to find someone I trusted, knew Pilates, but also understand enough about how the body moves to support my healing and ability to move more freely. Yoshi has been able to help me work through some of my “stuck” places through his careful attention and manual manipulation while doing Pilates! His hands-on-approach and ability to introduce props while doing classic Pilates exercises has allowed me to see progress in just a few sessions. I have also found that taking privates in conjunction with group classes allows Yoshi to tailor exercises to meet my needs, thus keeping me challenged and getting a work-out but also preventing me from getting hurt. Yoshi is a gifted teacher who anyone could benefit from learning from.
— GG Weisenfeld, Ed.D.