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About Yoshinori Ito

It’s not my profession, it’s my obsession.


About Yoshi:

A native of Japan, Yoshinori was a Ballet, Modern and Contemporary dancer for over 20 years. He started his Pilates training with BASI Pilates at Physiologic Pilates in Brooklyn, NY and was certified in July 2011. He studied anatomy with Irene Dowd, a world-renowned expert in neuromuscular training and kinesthetic anatomy at NYU and The Julliard School.

He continued his training with Deborah Lessen, a co-founder and former president of Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), and with Roberta Kirschenbaum, the owner of Rolates Pilates. Both Deborah Lessen and Roberta Kirschenbaum were trained by Carola Trier, a first generation Pilates instructor, trained by Joseph Pilates himself.

He then taught group and private session for 3 years at Rolates Pilates, the studio in the original location of where Joseph Pilates started. In 2015 Yoshinori moved to Southern California where he founded his own company to create his original exercise tool and method. He continued to teach his method at multiple retirement homes in San Diego area.

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A Message From Yoshi:

My father is an architect, my mom used to teach art in a high school, and my grandfather was an artisan of Japanese traditional jewelry making. I used to study dance in New York, but I was always more interested in human body and its function much more than performing or expressing myself. I often got injured throughout my training in dance so I didn't get good enough to make my career in dance but I always had this strong belief of "There gotta be a better way!" At the age of 24, I came up with a way to release habitual tightness in my body. It was different from Pilates, but I started to do this exercise every day and 16 years later, I still do it every day. This practice taught me how poorly we are using our bodies.

We have such an amazing gift on our own "the body," but almost none of us know how amazing it truly is (including myself). I know a little bit more than most people, thanks to the practice I have been doing for 16 years, and I can tell you that our body is much more amazing than we think if we use our body in the way it should be used. I know from my own experience this will change your life for good in many different levels.

Feeling and understanding everything about this amazing gift is my obsession. Helping people to feel and understand this amazing gift is my mission.



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