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Pilates is more than a physical activity - it is a philosophy, a way to communicate with your physical self.


Pilates taught correctly and effectively.

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Private Sessions

Leverage Yoshi's professionally taught Pilates skills through a dedicated, one-on-one session at a variety of locations throughout San Diego. Each session is specific to your health, goals and skill level to optimize your abilities and strength.

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Group Sessions

Increase your core strength and improve your technique with Group Pilates Classes. Group classes are offered at boutique Pilates Stuidos in various neighborhoods throughout San Diego. Learn more about the group class schedule by clicking below.



My passion is teaching the art of Pilates correctly to both the average person hoping to strengthen and heal their bodies and instructors searching to help others.

I am proud to have a network of people around me who see the value in formal Pilates training and enjoy the learning how to exercise correctly.

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"If you just want to feel like you are doing Pilates, I am not the instructor for you. If you really want to do Pilates, I am your instructor."

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Your tool for an effective Pilates practice. Crafted by Yoshinori himself, this tool will help you perfect your exercise and improve your skill level and efficiency. 

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